Involvement of citizens in local areas



Kathrine O. Rasmussen, Process designer and projectleader

Marta Padovan-Özdemir, Diversity expert and projectleader

Martin Qvist, Live roleplay-writer 



The Project Manger Course is an innovative educational tool for facilitation of user-driven social and intercultural development. It is for areas or organizations where there is a desire for bottom-up mobilization of volunteers and successful use of social and cultural diversity.

The Project Manager Course is takes it’s starting point in the local participants own whishes and needs. There for we have deliberately recruited participants outside the old guard rows.  This way we have managed to create motivation and initiative among local residents who would not normally get involved in union work or volunteer project.

It has been the vision to strengthen the participants' belief that they could change their world locally and thereby create sustainable, social and intercultural development in Valby with special focus on disadvantaged residential areas. They have been provided with practical project management tools and a successful experience as a social entrepreneur.


The Project Team’s learning dogma has weighed dialogue instead of one-way communication and facilitating learning processes rather than blackboard teaching. 

This has meant that the course has managed to accommodate participants with very different backgrounds and retain them in the collaboration around joint projects.

The course took place over two weekends with a week between. It consisted of short introductions to the tools and exercises, after which the participants had to apply and implement the presented tools via different dilemma exercises, reflection exercises, case studies and especially in preparing the final project application. The process took advantage of design processes, live role-play and cultural training.



The results of the Project Manager Course are calculated in both the participant's individual learning and in the collective volunteer projects created.

Four specific volunteer projects was created and implemented.

Furthermore the participants can be described as empowered citizens, who have gained a deeper and more nuanced understanding of there own role in their local area.


As the Project Manger Course deliberately reflected the diversity of Valby, in the mix of participants, this have created new relationships and networks across differences, and thus required a more inclusive sense of community.


“I have learnt new useful ways to communicate and collaborate” Participant.
“The course has given me an opening to involve my self in my neighbourhood.” Participant
“The biggest aha-experience is how different we actually think” Participant